What is StoryOfMakers Fellowship program?

The Fellowship Program enables collaboration with teams of technologists, varied artists, innovators, makers, design thinkers, educators, philosophers, child psychologists, researchers with mentors from renowned organisations & experts from IIT Bombay, Design Schools, etc  to help communities to think & build solutions beyond current school & education models.

The objective is to design & develop alternative and local community driven model of learning for kids.  The primary goal is to enable kids to be consciously aware of themselves and unlearn the concept of boundaries. 


flow of the program

Mining & Research

Dive deep into the problems with current education system. Research different activities kids can explore after screening multiple ideas.

Observe & Collect Meta Data

Observe the impact of your solutions & activities, collect meta data, evaluate your solutions. Complete the feedback loop.

Mapping & Design

Identify the activities, kids & other elements in the system, map how they interact, relate and connect. Identify design of the activities & their impact on kids with learning outcomes.

Build & Test

Build creative and engaging activities & tools for kids. Explore viability. Test, prototype & Repeat!

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WHY SOM FEllowship?

The learning & insights will be shared with the community including IIT Bombay, Industrial Design Center, State Board of Education and Tata Center for Technology & Design, homeschooling and traditional schooling community.
Networking will be an integral part of the process as varied people from different places, different perspectives and different skill sets will be collaborating together to achieve one common goal to re-imagine education.
Solutions designed & developed by fellows will be scaled up, provided help from our partners, StoryOfMakers team & community to grow further through intensive research.