A Community of Makers and STEAM Education

Story of Makers is an initiative by Tarun Mitra Mandal, a 50-year-old not for profit organization working in the field of education, health care, right to information and upliftment. 

Story of Makers is a space to nurture young minds under the LibraryOfEverything where kids have experiential learning.

What We Do?​

  • Sakshamta Abhiyan

    It is an initiative built to enable people to debug electronic appliances, computer and mobile and other devices in daily use, through hands-on experience.


  • StoryOfMakers Tech Expo 1

    Offering a platform of recognition to youth having groundbreaking talent, unique ideas or concepts and the will to display their project and/or product to the world.


  • StoryOfMakers Fellowship

    Collaborated with multidisciplinary folks to design a course for facilitators to induce in-depth importance of Home Schooling and informal education.


  • Library of Everything

    We built an open learning space where students; children and adults can get access to books, toys & tools. Along with this, we have a team of Artists, Engineers, Designers, Educators, and Facilitators who conducts various workshops.


  • StoryOfMakers Tech Expo 2

    A second successful event with more makers and more enthusiasm. We had provided a unique experience for makers with a mini makerspace. 


Visit Our MakerSpace

Daily, 10AM - 6PM

Our Partners

Experiences People have had with us

"Most amazing I ever had!!" Its an exciting place
- Naman Gada (Student/Maker)
Excellent place for kids to learn "new different types of skills"
- Aparna Shivnekar
Best place for kids to Learn.Design.
- Kinjal Savla (Parent )
"A must visit for every creator , artist and innovator."
- Vincent (Munich Maker Lab)