Story Of Makers presents CodeToSolve, a unique Coding Competition for kids, that focuses on their problem solving skills. The kids shall be given problem statements and to built solutions to these, they will have to come up with an original creation of their own which could be a game, an interactive story or a mobile application.
The competition is open for all primary and secondary school students between the age group of 7 to 13 years old.
The students that come up with the best solutions and displayed their capabilities shall get an opportunity at winning various rewards and cash prizes worth INR 20,000/-.


MIT App Inventor





Most frequent questions and answers

A Hackathon is a coding event that usually takes place over a short period of time. Hackathons strive to bring together groups of people interested in technology, coding, graphic design, etc. to solve problems.


No, computer hacking is not part of a Hackathon. The word “hack” in Hackathon means to tinker, create, take apart, learn, make, build, explore. Students are not “hacking computers” nor does this Hackathon prompt criminal computer hacking in any form.

All kids are welcome, from beginners in coding to advance in coding.

  • Scratch Challenge: Age group 7 to 13
  • MIT APP Inventor Challenge: Age group 7 to 13

We want kids at our Hackathons to have fun, learn some coding, challenge their skills, creativity and solve problems. The main takeaways we want for all participants are:

  • Learn
  • Code
  • Solve

Only 1 person per project is allowed.

No. This event is 100% online.

The registration fee is Rs.100 only.

Your registration form contains submission details at the end. Upon registration, a email will be sent to you for as a confirmation along with the above details.

We have a panel of expert judges with work experiences at Google, IIT Bombay, Amazon etc. Judges will look at the stated criteria when judging. But remember that the main purpose of the Hackathon is to learn, grow as a young coder, solve problems and have fun! We’re all at different levels as coders. If you don’t know how to do something, try to learn it and ask questions. Don’t worry if you don’t use everything in your project.

Have fun!