About Us.

A Few Words About us

StoryOfMakers is on a mission to nurture young minds and innovators. We have impacted 2000+ youngsters so far.

The LibraryOfEverything is fueled by the passion to uplift the potential of enthusiastic innovators through experiential learning.

What are we doing?

Why are we doing?

How are we doing?

Our Team

StoryOfMakers, built on a foundation of passionate individuals who aspire to make a difference . Our Team came from different walks of life Engineering, Design, Management, Medical, Business etc. which makes our experience more richer to bring change.

Zubin Savla

Chief Un-Schooling Officer

Devangee Gangar


Kunal Haria


Abhishek Chheda

Dream Alchemist

Keval Mamania

Chief Maker

Avani Savla


Heet Dedhia

Web Developer

Jainam Gangar

Makerspace Nerd

Arnik Gala


Vishal Chheda

In-house Woodpecker

Roumil Gogri


Anchal Srivastava

Chief Collaborator and CSR

Amit Mishra


Sunny Kanojia

Graphic Designer

Aditya Seth


Deep Vora


Hinal Jethva

Media Geek

Urmi Shethia

Content Writer

Tej Gala

UI/UX Designer

Ankit Chheda

Electronics Specialist

Kavan Chheda

Content Writer

Meet Sangoi

Marketing Freak

Henal Vora


Nrup Vora

CAD - Mech Pro

Jinal Gangar

Media Geek

Bhumi Maru

Library Manager

Sachin Gala

3D Printing Geek